I can’t claim all the credit.. but.

Someone asked me today why Curves Events, why did I feel it was so important my reply was longer than I expected so I thought I’d share it here.

I can’t claim all the credit if I’m really honest the seeds of the idea belong to my husband my best friend and dancing partner.  However the moment he shared I adopted it and am claiming it as almost mine, here’s why.

As a 40 something who has spent two decades being the fat one, the fat friend, the fat colleague the invisible family member.  I’m sick of deciding if I can go to an event or party be working out if people like me go to X venue.  I’m sick of worrying as I approach a venue if I’ll get a not tonight love because how I look doesn’t fit with the ethos of the venue. I’m sick of adapting what I wear incase someone judges me too fat for that.  I’m sick of being the hold the bags watch the drinks.  I’m sick of getting past all this to get into a venue and dancing in a corner incase I somehow make people stare or laugh or point cos look fat lass is dancing.

So I purposefully set out to find venues where I’d never go ( but secretly would have loved too ) bang in the centre of cities where I can invite people just like me and say come along don’t worry about bouncers your in. don’t worry about being judged unless it’s that you are fucking awesome.  Never tell yourself your worth is measured by the size of the pants you wear.

If I can stop one person from dreading an event.  To stop them dancing in there bedrooms because they won’t be on the dance floor.  If I can prevent a few not tonight love’s I’ll be happy.

My aim is to create a space that people can come along and celebrate just being them.  Dance the night away in those venues they don’t think they’re worthy of without fear of judgement, cat calls or rudeness and even sometimes violence. A place they can look forward to coming sipping cocktails and being the person they are in the safety of their own room.

Let’s dance like no one is watching.

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