Do you use the F word?

No, not THE F word, the other F word, Fat.

There are a hundred ways to say that one is overweight, there is of course overweight, I know, obvious – there is plue-size, there is big and of course more official sounding terms like obese – but the one that seems to delve to the darkest recesses is fat.

For me it’s a word that takes me back to my childhood, to being shouted at in the playground and even called it once by a teacher, that’s what it does for me and why I have made sure it’s a word I give zero power to.

Personally it’s a word that I give no power to – I’m fat, I’m a load of other things too, but it’s one of them. In the same way that other groups have taken back words used to hurt them, I think that the F word only has the power we give it and I refuse to give it any.!

People can be spiteful, they can be hurtful and they can be oblivious to the hurt that a “joke” can cause or that something they thing is being smart, or funny or clever can have someone in tears. I know a girl who don’t go out anymore, by that I mean out to a bar or a restaurant, all because a group of teenage boys thought it would be hilarious to follow her down the street calling her “fatty”. She’s coming to her next local Curves Events party night and I know she’s gonna have an awesome time.

Whether you use the F word or not, what’s important is that you know it’s ok to be you, be authentically you and know that no matter what the haters say, there are always people who are there to support you. We’ve got a new Facebook group and that’s the exact reason why we started it, why not pop in and check it out

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