The importance of a good venue

When we started Curves Events one of our first decisions was the vibe that our party nights would have, we wanted them to be cool and fun and completely inclusive, somewhere where we could feel free to be ourselves and so can you.

One of the important elements was that the venues were cool. How do we encourage people to be proud of who they are, to stop them from feeling marginalised by hiding them away in a backstreet pub or a hotel function room, we knew that our venues were not only important, they were vital.

That’s why we’ve focused on getting only the best venues on Friday & Saturday nights in the highest profile, party cities in the UK. For our first 4 venues we chose private rooms for our exclusive use on Friday nights within Revolution Cocktail Bars. We’ve created the best of both worlds. Our events are in awesome, cool and up to the minute venues, but we have an exclusive space within it, meaning we can have a non-judgemental safe and body positive space to party in.

We’d love to meet you at one of our party nights, so why not come along and say hi.

We’re always up for suggestions for mew venues and new cities, so if you know somewhere you’d love to see a Curves Events party night, just let us know.

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