Getting glammed up!

I was talking to a friend the other day, who talked about the difference between men and women, specifically how the dress for a night out, and the amount of effort they put in.

I saw this picture last week of girls going out in Newcastle in the midst of the terrible weather that shut down the country. Whilst this is far from my idea of how to dress in foul weather it shows a real commitment to getting glammed up for a night out.

You see it every week, a girl looking dressed up to the nines out with a guy who is literally wearing his “cleanest” jeans, dirty trainers and a 5yo t-shirt. I know before I hear “all right grandad”, that some of the t-shirts cost a fortune and that the dirty trainers many have costs as much as you average widescreen TV, but I think it’s not about what stuff costs, it’s about what it is.

I am a bit different from most “blokes” in that respect, I love to get dressed up for a night out, looking smart is part of the experience for me and it’s not just because I’m getting older I’ve always been the same, a smart pair of jeans, the right shoes, a dress shirt and an awesome jacket (yes, a jacket, I know, right!) make me feel a million dollars for a night out. and I really love a good pair of shoes.

Wherever you stand on the “getting glammed up” debate we’re looking forward to seeing you at the next set of Curves Events party nights, but guys, remember the ladies who attend always look great… so put in some effort, getting glammed up is the first part of the party experience.